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Friday, 12. August 2022

Many customers are not aware that in the process of hair drying a temperature of above 90 °C causes damage to the scalp. In addition to that, hair care products are destroyed at temperatures above 90 °C. Our hairdryer products reach a working temperature which is well below 90 °C which is ideal for the scalp and the hair care products are preserved after hair drying.

Most hairdryers available on the market are loud and noisy. Together with our suppliers / manufacturers we developed "RELAX SILENT”. With a noise level of only 75 dBa the hair drying feels pleasant.
Our "RELAX POWER "provides a stronger air flow but otherwise has the same properties as "RELAX SILENT”.

Don’t hesitate and try our Wellness-Hairdryer – you will be excited.

  • 1200 W - DC-Motor
  • Very quitly (only 75 dBa)  
  • Maximum 75 °C temp., therefore takes well care of scalp
  • Weight only 365g (protects joints)
  • Protects scalp
  • For pets also
  • Tinnitus suitable
  • For Seniors
  • Cold control switch
  • 3m cable
  • Power save (uses less electrical power)